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TradingView New Product Spotlight

How TradingView is Helping Traders and Investors around the world


TradingView, is inspired by the way financial markets connect people across the globe. Their goal has always been to build the best platform for charts, financial data, and connectivity between people globally.

Tradingview has made the needs of traders and investors a first priority. The platform is constantly evolving and growing. Today, TradingView offers advanced charts alongside more than 100+ technical indicators, over 100 tools for analysis, real-time data from exchanges around the world, and coverage for all assets including stocks, commodities, bonds, forex, ETFS and cryptocurrencies.

How does the platform work with other social networks?

TradingView connects to all of your favorite social networks. You can share your ideas on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and anywhere else that matters to you. The community saves their charts and ideas as images and also publishes those images to Instagram and Snap. In addition, the platform has a built in video tool so people can create live and recorded videos about their ideas and analysis.

 How common is the platform?

There are over 40 million users each month, 100 countries from all over the world and 25 languages.

Each country has its own local version in its own language. Two years ago, the platform was also launched in Israel, and today there are about 70,000 traders and investors using the Israeli version. This is exciting and we hope to continue helping the Israeli community with all of their investing or trading needs.

One really interesting feature is the option for traders and investors to create their own indicators and strategies. On TradingView, you can find custom made indicators that are not available anywhere else. The Pine programming language is TradingView’s scripting language that’s proprietary only to the platform.

People from all backgrounds share their scripts on the platform for the benefit of others, enriching and upgrading the trading world.

I also can’t forget about our stock screeners. The platform includes 5 screeners: stock screener, forex screener, and crypto+crypto pairs screener and ETF screener. You are welcome to visit the site and learn how to use TradingView stock screener.

The screener enables traders and investors to filter by their preferred criteria for fundamental or technical research. 

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