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DataXcelerator Research Group

Dataxcelerator Research Group LTD was founded in order to solve difficult problems. After years of working in the industry, we notice that in most cases companies have a gold mine in their hand but use it as a storage site. We founded the company in order to bring the benefits of data science to the industry. Our core values are Groth, Partnership, Transparency and eXtreme eXcellence.

Our Team

DataXcelerator Team


Yigal Weinberger, CEO

CEO and founder of the company, with over 10 years of experience as a data scientist from the leading companies in the world such as Intel, Palo Alto Networks, Verint and Intsights.

We build this company to help talented professionals to keep pursuing excellence after they become leaders in their field. We aim to face the toughest challenges and pursue the highest goals.


Shmulik Schwartz, Data scientist

Highly skill academic with multidisciplinary background in engineering and science.

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Click on the button to hear all about our story and our vision, or come check out the DataXcelerator Academy for a professional training program designed to

brings DS to the masses 

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DataXcelerator Projects


A collaboration project with the largest broker in the world. As part of the collaboration, the company has developed and taught a course in the field of algorithmic trading that trains traders and inexperienced people alike, to build algorithms, to trade automatically, and to build extremely complicated algorithms with the help of machine learning.


A research and development project of algorithms in the field of cryptocurrencies.


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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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